how many feet above sea level is chicago

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The Elevation of Chicago: A Statistical Mystery | Chicago Public …

The Elevation of Chicago: A Statistical Mystery. According to The World Book Encyclopedia, Chicago “lies on a plain 595 feet (181 meters) above sea level. Different sources measure at different places and give slightly different elevations. As an example Facts About Chicago uses a Lake Michigan level of 578.5 feet.

Elevations and Distances – Eastern Geographic Science Center

City, State, Rank, High Feet, Low Feet. New York, New York, 1, 410, Sea Level. Chicago, Illinois, 2, 673, 1579. Los Angeles, California, 3, 5,074, Sea Level. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 4, 441, Sea Level. Houston, Texas, 5, 83, Sea Level. Detroit, Michigan, 6, 672, 1575. Dallas, Texas, 7, 686, 390.

Geography of Chicago – Wikipedia

The city has been built on relatively flat land, the average height of land is 579 feet (176 m) above sea level.

Chicago – Wikipedia

Chicago officially the City of Chicago, is the thirdmost populous city in the United States. With over 2.7 million residents, it is also the most populous city in both the state of Illinois and the Midwestern United States. It is the county seat of Cook County. The Chicago metropolitan area, often referred to as Chicagoland, has …

2 Answers – What is Chicago’s elevation above sea level? – Quora

Chicago Midway Airport is 620 ft. (188 m) above sea level. This elevation is representative of most of the city (there are virtually no hills). O’Hare Airport, located a few miles inland and a few miles North, is 668 ft.

City of Chicago :: Elevation Benchmarks

Water Management. DWM is committed to providing the highest level of professional services to meet our customers’ needs now and for future generations ….. was fixed, book number, and comments. Note: The Benchmarks are referenced to the Chicago City Datum = 0.00, (CCD = 579.88 feet above mean tide New York).

Illinois Base and Elevation Maps – Netstate

The Illinois elevation map illustrates the elevation above sea level across the state and labels major bodies of water. … Higher resolution maps like these and many other digital maps, wall maps, custom radius maps, travel maps, travel guides, map software, and globes and games, for business and the classroom, are …

Detroit may be bankrupt, but it’s 600 feet above sea level – Model D

In 50 years time, Detroit seems to be well positioned between the poles of Chicago and Toronto in the constellation of places in the Great Lakes Megaregion. And it would seem to be … The city is nearly 600 feet above sea level, which means that the impacts of rising sea levels will be negligible. There is a …

Don’t Believe the Height! Why Chicago Suburb Names Flat Out Lie …

Chicago’s Loop is at about 570 feet above sea level, and the high point of Cook County is near Barrington Hills at 950 feet. That height difference is just under 400 feet, and that’s spread over 40 miles. If we were talking about any other state in the country (besides Florida) you’d barely notice the difference.

Earth’s Heat Keeps America Afloat – Live Science

Seattle, for instance, would reach an elevation of 5,949 feet, up from its current elevation of about 500 feet above sea level. … “If you subtracted the heat that keeps North American elevations high, most of the continent would be below sea level, except the high Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada and the …

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